Hamptons Personal Assistant 

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 A bio bit of my ethics, education, and experiences


Never need to repeat yourself. Once, is all you need to go through your tasks with me.  Let's work out whats best for you, at the requests of our daily routines together; making your day run smoother and stress free.

I am quick, a positive thinker, fast paced and have a repetitive attitude. Always on time, and  keen on time management.

I do my best to live an organic life style, eat well, maintain good health in and out. I enjoy being active and when I can, I play tennis. (These days I am little rough around the edges.) I also make time for some easy yoga, and meditative breathing exercises. A balance is what we all need in this very busy universe.



At a young age and coming from my background, I grew up appreciating life's little things. I now am a resposible and resourceful 27 year old who lives out here enjoying the simple country life on the island. I grew up juggling side jobs while attending highschool, part-time to full-time summer office work. I took a year off, after graduating school to work full time and save a little extra for college. I worked as an assistant manegerial position to full time in retail. Also, working nights in a restaurant.  

Then, I went to school for hospitality. Studying in areas of events planning/ organizing, quality guest services and certified in food prep/ sanitation. I have interned and worked in all areas for well known and respectable 4 star, and diamond rated hotels, and restaurants. I have an all around experience understanding all aspects working for an upscale and sophisticated country club. Also personally and exclusively worked closely with elite and local women, men, and families of all trades in business.


My motivation, creativity, and open-mindedness has proven success within myself. I feel accomplished when facing challenges with a strong will to finish, making sure it's done the best way possible, and not miss the small details. I am proud, and endure a nurturing nature. I am always looking to expand through experiences and

earn a living, living a meaningful life of helping others.